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Water Damage

Flooding inside of your home or work can damage all of your possessions. Although it almost always happens when you're least expecting it, reaction time is crucial. Carpet Concepts has technicians ready and able to minimize all damage, remove all water, and make your home or office looking brand new. One of the most important things to do is minimizing the damage early on to prevent more damage from occurring. After all of the damage caused has been minimized, next comes the water removal. Removing the water needs to be done by professionals. The equipment used consists of large dehumidifying equipment and water extraction equipment. Below is the steps needed to take to minimize all damage occurred by flooding.

Our technicians will be able to remove the water in your home using a self contained truck mounted steam extraction system. Our steam extraction system is able to fully remove all dirty water from your home. If any of your area rugs were affected by the water damage, our team of technicians can either clean the carpet at your home or take it back to our shop to fully clean and let it dry. Afterwards we will be able to deliver to the establishments location unscathed and brand new!


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Minimizing The Damage

The Water Removal

  • Stop the water at the source
  • Turn off all electricity from the areas affected by the flooding
  • Do not walk on the wet carpet
  • Remove all moisture sensitive items throughout the affected area
  • Remove all small furniture in the affected area
  • Do not use home vacuums or shop vacuums to remove any water
  • Call Carpet Concepts do remove all water from your home
  • Our technicians will be able to remove the water in your home using a truck mounted steam extraction system.
  • Carpet Concepts will extract all freestanding water in the home or office
  • Our technicians will have the top of the line dehumidifying equipment at your home or office to dry the affected areas
  • Instruments are used to determine if there are any hidden pockets of water located in the affected area
  • Carpet Concepts uses proper extraction techniques to prevent all secondary damage from occurring.


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