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Carpet Cleaning

We offer thorough carpet and rug cleaning not only to improve the look of your carpet, but also to ensure a healthier home for you and your family. Our carpet cleaning service entails pre-cleaning inspection, pre-treatment of soiled areas, moving of furniture; pre-spot; soil extraction and rinse; and lastly a post-cleaning inspection. We use the latest truck-mounted, steam extraction process to ensure the deepest clean. We also offer carpet repair and re-stretching to remove wrinkles.

 Our area rug cleaning service entails pre-cleaning inspection and pick-up, dry soil remove, pre-condition, pre-spot preparation, fringe prep, complete shampoo, rinse and wash, final grooming, post-inspection, and then delivery to your home. After the cleaning is done, the carpet has to be left in a "damp-dry" state. While the carpet does take approximately 4 hours to dry in normal conditions, you will be able to walk on the carpet during the drying process with only clean socks if needed.


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